第1塔北塔門~珠玉の仏教彫刻 Best preserved Northern tora-na,Sanchi

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Photos: 第1塔北塔門~珠玉の仏教彫刻 Best preserved Northern tora-na,Sanchi

Photos: サーンチー第1塔と西塔門 Stupa No. 1 & Western torana Photos: 第1塔西塔門~仏教彫刻 Fine sculptures at Western torana



The best preserved northern torana(gateway) of the Great Stupa (view from inside).
Top architrave: the Chhaddanta Jataka - the Bodhisattva was born as the king of a herd of
elephants which lived near the lake Chhaddanta. Middle architrave: the temptation of the
Buddha - Mara sitting in the middle, accompanied by demons, tries to tempt Gautama Buddha. Lowest architrave:
Vessantara Jataka - in his last incarnation before he became Buddha, Gautama was born
as prince Vessantara and realised the perfection of charity.

On these stone carvings the Buddha was never depicted as a human figure. Instead the artists chose to represent him by certain attributes, such as the horse on which he left his father’s
home, his footprints, or a canopy under the bodhi tree at the point of his enlightenment.
The human body was thought to be too confining for the Buddha.

A torana is a type of gateway seen in the Hindu and Buddhist architecture
of the Indian subcontinent.

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