サーンチー第3塔 Stupa No.3 & the reserved torana

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Photos: サーンチー第3塔 Stupa No.3 & the reserved torana

Photos: サーンチー第2塔 A panoramic view of Stupa No.2 Photos: サーンチー第3塔~仏教彫刻 Stupa No.3 & the remaining torana

第3ストゥーパは 第1ストゥーパの北側に1世紀に建造され、第1ストゥーパの縮小版である。
第2ストゥーパと ほぼ同じ大きさである。

多くの日本人にとって、舎利子は『般若心経』の「舎利子 色不異空 空不異色 色即是空 空即是色・・・」で因縁浅からぬ名である。

Stupa No.3 and the remaining Southern Torana,Sanchi.
Very similar to the Great Stupa in design but much smaller.
The relics of Sariputta and Maudgalyayana(two famous disciples of Buddha) were found inside in 1851.
It has a hemispherical dome which is flattened at the top and crowned by a chattravali which is standing inside a quadrate Harmika.

Sariputta was one of two chief male disciples of the Buddha along with Maudgalyayana.
In the Japanese language he is called Sharihotsu(舎利弗) or Sharihotsu(舎利子).
Maudgalyayana is considered the second of the Buddha's two foremost disciples (foremost in
supernatural powers), together with Sariputta.

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